10 Reasons to Teach History with Movies

Teaching history with movies has many advantages and makes learning fun and memorable! Here are 10 reasons to teach history through movies. 10 Reasons to Teach History with Movies Nothing can bring history to life like the big screen. Even if they’re not 100% historically accurate, many historical movies invite looking further… Read More

WWI and Great Depression Movies for Middle School and High School

Bring history to life through movies! Here is a list of WWI and Great Depression movies for middle school and high school that are PG-13 or under. I am a major supporter of teaching history through movies. Nothing can bring history to life like the big screen. Even if they’re not 100% historically… Read More

Winter Photoshoot Photos

My sisters and I have decided a bi-annually photoshoot would be fun! We had a blast going downtown for our last shoot, and wanted a more nature feel to these winter shots. Best friend winter photoshoot inspiration: Winter photography, winter photos, photoshoot inspiration for winter senior pictures, winter Instagram photos… Read More

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Free Printable Homophone Flashcards and Word Wall Words

Practice homophones with these free printable homophone flashcards and word wall words! Words used include their, there and they’re; to, two and too; and your and you’re. Free Printable Homophone Flashcards Being a nerd, I love studying grammar. From the parts of speech and diagramming sentences, studying grammar is essential for everyday… Read More

Free Printable Christmas Movie Trivia: Christmas Game Night

Get ready for a Christmas game night with the free printable Christmas movie trivia questions! They’re great for a Christmas game night! Printable Christmas Movie Trivia Christmas is a time for traditions and gathering with friends and family. Christmas movies are a favorite during the holidays season. From classics like It’s a… Read More

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Free Christmas Preschool Printable Activities: Away in a Manger

Inspired by Away in a Manger, this free Christmas preschool printable activities pack is great for literary and number recognition, with a Christmas theme! Christmas Preschool Printable: Away in a Manger I’m so happy that it’s Christmas time! One of the best ways to celebrate the season is through Christmas music. You’ve probably… Read More

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Christmas Movie Bible Study: It’s a Wonderful Life

Movies can have a large impact on the way we think, and are a great starting point for discussion. Here is a Christmas movie Bible study for Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life! Christmas Movie Bible Study: It’s a Wonderful Life I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas! I love baking cookies with Christmas music… Read More