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About me: Samantha is a teenage homeschooler from Indiana, USA. Samantha is interested in WWII history, Israel, and politics. Her specialities are words, frugality, homeschooling, and procrastination. When not blogging, Samantha spends her time reading, trying to speak Hebrew, and wasting time on Pinterest.

Please e-mail me if you would like to see my media kit and are interested in advertising, sponsored reviews, social media promotion, or giveaways.

16 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Samantha,
    I’m a mother of a teen whom I’d like her to start a blog! You have wisdom and great stuff you’re doing! I printed out the Math Cheat Sheet but tried to get the grammar sheet but couldn’t find it! Do you think I could have a direct link so I could print it out? Thanks!

    Kristin Fournier

    1. Samantha I’d like to get my 14 year old daughter and myself on your list if you have one that sends out blogs, topics, etc…do you have that?

      1. Hi! Yes, on the right side of my blog, above the box that says “30+ ways to teach History without a textbook” I have a box where you can sign up. 🙂 Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you for sharing such insightful thoughts. Im so proud for you,hope you are proud of yourself. Keep it coming,you smart,smart girl!

  3. I got the math sheets but I can’t get the parts of speech / sentences. Would you please email that to me? Thanks so much for sharing such great info, on quick guides! You’re a time saver……
    Merry Christmas to you!
    Thanks again, Sherry

  4. Thank you from my heart, Samantha, for clear, thoughtful reviews of the movies, and the cheat sheets. We’re always looking for inspiring movies, and you’ve made the search easier. Loving the frugality tips too! Can’t wait to print out the 8th grade math cheat sheet 🙂 Bless you, dear.

  5. I would love to have the diagram sheet if you could email it to me. I teach sixth grade and I believe this would be a valuable tool. Thanks for posting.

  6. May I please have a copy of Parts of Speech and Sentences handout? Thank you. I did try to use your email address, but it came back on one of them and on the other it said it wasn’t a recognizable address. Could just be my computer. I appreciate you sharing.

  7. I subscribed to get your freebie math sheet and it is very frustrating not being able to access it. Nowhere was I able to get it. Nor the sentence cheat sheet. Please help.

    1. Please email me at samantha (at)! It pops up both when you put in your email on the form and when you click “subscribe.” Sometimes the email lands in your spam folder.

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