Bing Rewards

Many know Bing is a search engine, however few know it actually rewards its users with credits that you can redeem for gift cards! DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my time. However, this did not affect my review and I will always provide my… Read More

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The Parsi Company Review

Many of you know I started my own business, The Parsi Company. With The Parsi Company, I create a frugal and eco-friendly alternative to paper towels – inspired by the this post detailing frugality from the Greatest Generation. My product is called the ReTowel. It is a frugal, eco-friendly alternative to paper… Read More

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Earn More With Swagbucks

I’ve had a bit of an addiction lately. But, unlike all other Internet phases, this one’s is addicting because it pays off! Here are a few ways I’ve been earning gift cards with SwagBucks! In exchange for answering a couple questions, watching videos while you’re cooking, surfing the web, or doing… Read More

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