100 Ways to Save Money Part 2

Saving money can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are 100 ways to save money in your everyday life!


Saving money can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are 100 ways to save money in your everyday life!

100 Ways to Save Money in Your Everyday Life (part 2)

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Here are the last 50 of my favorite ways to save money! Don’t forget to check out the first 50!

51. Use dryer balls instead of dryer sheets

We prefer dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Add a little bit of lavender essential oils for a refreshing scent.

52. Shop year round for gifts

You are less likely to have the holidays (and the pricy gifts that come with it!) sneak up with you when you shop year round.

53. Limit gift giving to close friends and family

54. DIY gifts (even if you’re not crafty)

55. Give meaningful gifts (especially during Christmas)

When gift giving, pick something the recipient will truly enjoy, not just something you have to give since it is (insert occasion/holiday here).

56. Give time instead of physical gifts when appropriate

57. Learn some simple $5 meals

58. Coupon or plan around grocery store deals

59. Eat in season fruits and veggies

60. Buy in bulk and pay attention to CPU (cost per unit)

61. Pack your lunch and get a portable crock pot

They keep your food warm, and are only $20!

62. Invest in a crock pot and bread machine

63. Learn how to hem

64. Purge clothing and old stuff for less clutter

65. Utilize a drying rack

66. Learn how to sew buttons

67. Patch jeans

68. Add extra fabric to make shirts/dresses longer

69. Turn holed jeans into shorts

70. Reuse dry cleaning bags for traveling garment bags

71. Turn old shirts into rags

72. Turn old shirts into bags

73. Turn old shirts into blankets/quilts

74. Turn old shirts into scarves

75. Buy quality.

Knowing how to spend wisely is just as important as learning how to save. On larger items, such as a vacuum, it is often cheaper to buy long-lasting quality that will last for years, instead of something cheaper that will break in a year.

76. Stock pile

Find a great deal? Stock pile on common consumable items like soap, detergent, and food.

77. Wear your old clothing around the house or to bed

78. Shop at yard sales and Goodwill

79. Buy clothes on Poshmark

Poshmark is an app that allows you to buy clothing used, and at great prices. I’ve gotten some high quality brand-name clothing for under $20. Use the sign-up code PVHFY to snatch $5 off your first order!

80. Swap babysitting nights

81. Balance your checkbook

82. Learn basic house repairs

83. Use fans to only use air conditioning when necessary

84. Use blankets and layers to stay cozy with heat

85. Turn the faucet off during showers and when brushing your teeth

90. Find a valuable hobby instead of going out on weekends

In your spare pockets of time on weekends and such, pick up a money-making hobby or skill. For me, my hobbies have been sewing, graphic design, and web design. Learn how to cook. Pick up sewing. Refurbish furniture and resell it on Facebook. Go thrift shopping and resell your finds on eBay.

91. Use Swagbucks as a search engine to gain money

92. Cut back on waste

New Yorker Lauren Singer was an Environmental Studies major in college. During that time, she decided to go zero-waste – she throws away no trash. I was awed by Lauren’s dedication and ingenuity. Her extreme thriftiness may not be for everyone, but it’s definitely something everyone can learn from, and learn a few things from. Her trash-less lifestyle didn’t happen overnight, but Lauren’s determination

93. Sell unused items on eBay or Amazon

94. Barter and trade skills

95. Ask if a store has any sales/discounts going on

96. Haggle prices and negotiate

Haggling prices and negating is an easy way to save money, especially with added fees. It never hurts to ask.

97. Invest a certain amount each month

98. Make a $1,000 emergency fund

99. Remember time can be just as valuable as money

100. Never give up in your money saving journey!

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